Newbie Simple Nail Art Tutorials

01/09/2015 15:07

Our hands are one of the busiest parts of our bodies. That is why to pamper it, we give it some treats by relaxing and beautifying it. One way is to do some nail art. It gives beauty to the hands, not just by adding colors but also putting some accents and art. For now, I will be discussing to you how to put a nail art with gems. It could be quite difficult but I will help you to make it easier.File your fingernails so all your nails are even with the tip of your finger. This is a good length to have your nails, this way they offer good support for the fake nails. Konad or airbrush simple nail art designs are other methods to get professional nails. With airbrush art, the technician uses an easy to apply spray system on your nails. He or she will lightly spray over the nail design stencil producing salon nails that dry in seconds! Konad involves stamping nails art designs. This is an at home product that you can use to get professional nails by stamping the design of your choice onto your own nails. Since it dries instantly, the nails art designs is both beautiful and flawless. However the main problem occurs when nail starts growing. You can continue with the old gel nail polish for some days but when the nail growth is enough to make your nails look odd then you need to repaint them. For repainting your nails you need to take off the older gel nail polish. Several girls out there are also making their finger and toe nails to be in when it comes to fashion. Nail art is the latest trend for those who are interested to have new nail looks. There are many nails art design available in the market and you can even do it with your own. In playing online, you can also find a game with regard to nail art design and this game is called Funny Nails. There are several other beauty related services that need to be provided to the beauty conscious woman on a regular basis. Waxing is one such. There are a range of waxes that are available and which can be chosen. These are done with skin calming ingredients in the wax and with a professional touch ensuring that pain is minimal and the final effect smooth and neat. If you want to have good fake nails done then try to learn and implement these simple tips that I gave you. You should also look for other opinions on the matter.